Guest network on Linksys E1000 router

If you’re using a Cisco Linksys E1000 router, you may have noticed that it creates a guest network – but there is no sign of how to control it or change it through the web interface!

Strangely, that is how it is – Linksys seem to have omitted any kind of control over it from the web interface. The only way you can modify it is to run the Cisco Connect software on your computer.

Launching this will bring up a control panel, of which the bottom left option will be “guest network” and from here, you can make changes.

It also appears, from the list of available wifi networks, that the guest network is not password protected. This isn’t the case if you have set a password, but it does not use the standard WPA or WEP encryption. Instead, it allows clients to connect, but them prompts them for a password before allowing them internet access.

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