Install APD on CentOS 5

Here is how to install APD (Advanced PHP Debugger) on CentOS 5. Lets start by creating a directory for it to log files to.

cd /tmp
mkdir apd
chown apache:apache apd

We need to remove ioncube, or it will cause errors.

rpm -e php-ioncube-loader

Now we can install APD, via PECL.

pecl install apd

Add the following to php.ini.


My PHP binary was in a different location, so I had to alter the script too.

cd /usr/bin/
vim pprofp

Change /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin and save the file.

You also need to ensure PEAR is in your include path (/usr/share/pear) for the script to work.

Compiling APD on PHP 5.3

If you try and compile APD on PHP 5.3, you may get an error similar to the following.

error: 'struct _zend_compiler_globals' has no member named 'extended_info'make: *** [php_apd.lo] Error 1

This can be solved by modifying a few of the APD files. To do this, you need to download the APD archive file and uncompress it.

Then make the changes as detailed on the PHP bug tracker. Once this is done, it should install as normal.

sudo make install

APD should now be installed.