Installing GCC 4.4 on CentOS 5

If you’re running CentOS, you may find yourself frustrated that you have GCC 4.2 or older, when you need to be running at least 4.3 for some features – for example, if you want to compile HipHop for PHP.

Never fear, you don’t need to compile a compiler from source!

As well as the gcc RPMs in the repository, there are also a set for GCC 4.4, appropriately enough named gcc44 and you can install them in the usual way.

yum install gcc44 g++44

Installing Git on CentOS 5 cPanel

Following on from my previous post about installing Git on CentOS 4, CentOS 5 is a whole different story. This is because you actually can get the RPM for Git on Cent OS – but cPanel doesn’t make it quite easy enough to do it.

You see, cPanel likes to take control of a lot of it’s own stuff, so it has a long list of packages which it won’t update automatically, because it will end up breaking itself if it does. As Git has two dependencies from the Perl libraries, this causes a problem.

But we can easily fix that.

cd /etc/
vim yum.conf

Remove perl* from the exclude line, then save the file. Now you should be able to run the command.

yum install git

It will gather all the dependencies and install Git. Final step, go back into the YUM configuration and put the exclude pack in to protect cPanel from its malevolent self.

vim yum.conf