Navigating VIM on Mac keyboards

If you’re trying to get around documents in VIM using a Mac keyboard, you may feel fairly stumped without a page up and page down button. But you need not be!

VIM has an extensive set of commands, including moving backwards and forwards through a document a page at a time. They are logically named too – Ctrl+F will go forward a page and Ctrl+B will go back a page.

Create permenant aliases with .bashrc

Sometimes, it’s easier to create an alias when working with the Unix command line. Having to create these every time seems to defeat the point of having a short alias though. Luckily, you can make them persistent.

Lets assume that we are using a user called mike. We need to be in our home directory.

cd /home/mike

The .bashrc file should be in there, but hidden.

ls -a

You should be able to see it listed. Now lets edit it.

vim .bashrc

And add a command in, for example, to save our usual CVS update command.

alias upd='cvs -q update -P -d'

Now save and exit. After that, every time you log onto the box you can use the upd command to run the CVS update.