Screen resolution drop on Ubuntu

If you find your screen resolution suddenly drops too 800×600 on Ubuntu 12.04, the following set of commands may help you resolve it. First, stop the graphical environment.

sudo service lightdm stop

Now remove all the Nvidia packages and reboot the system.

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
sudo reboot

This will reset you to the default video driver. You now need to reinstall the Nvidia driver, which you can do by going to System settings > Additional Drivers and selecting the top option with the following name.

NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernal module and VPDAU library

Select this and click activate. Now reboot your system again and the Nvidia drivers will be re-installed and hopefully working again.

Gnome fails to start after switching Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu

If you’ve tried to switch to a different Nvidia graphics driver on Ubuntu and suddenly found that X / Gnome will no longer load and all you have is a command line, you can fix it by switching back to the original driver.

jockey-text -l
jockey-text -e xorg:nvidia_current

These commands will show you a list of drivers available, and then activate the standard Nvidia driver.

Installing Postgres PDO driver on cPanel

cPanel offers two options for installing PDO – using EasyApache which can enable PDO and MySQL’s PDO driver or installing everything via PECL. Unfortunately, under PHP 5.3, the PECL installers don’t work, so if you need any other PDO drivers, you’re in a hole.

Luckily, you can install it manually.

Download the PDO driver from the PECL website. Extract the archive and CD into the directory.

tar -xzf PDO-PGSQL-1.0.2.tgz
cd PDO-PSQL-1.0.2/

Once this is done, run the standard commands for building a PHP extension.

make install

Once this is done, you can add the extension to php.ini.

cd /usr/local/lib/
vim php.ini

Finally, restart Apache and the Postgres driver should show up in your phpinfo() output.

Netgear N150 WNA1100 on Windows Server 2003

If you’ve bought the Netgear N150 WNA1100 wireless dongle on the false promise that it is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and then tried to run it, you will probably get an error like the one below.

Not compatible with your OS

Luckily, there is a way around this. Once you’ve downloaded the driver, right click on it, go to the compatibility tab and select the run in compatibility mode check box and select “Windows XP” from the drop down.

Once done, re-run the setup and it should install.