Loading variables into a Flash movie

Worfolk Desktop News was an application which downloaded the latest news from Worfolk and displayed it in the application. The original application was built in flash and loaded the variables in from a text file stored on the Worfolk servers.

The text file was simple:

news=the news story...

Create a text file like this and upload it somethere, or even just leave it on your hard drive as long as you know the file path. Now to load it into the flash movie you use LoadVariables. Go to the first frame in your movie and go into actionscript. Now add a LoadVariables command and add in the url path or file path to your text file.

Once this is done you have the variables stored in your movie. Next create a text area and set it to dynamic text. Where it says “var” and has a space to enter a name such as “news,” or whatever name you gave your variable in the text file.

Now run your movie. If it worked right the text area should now display the value you have the variable. If you copied my text into your text file you should come out with “the news story…” If its blank you have probably given the wrong url or you have got different names for the variable in your text file then you do in your movie.