Navigating VIM on Mac keyboards

If you’re trying to get around documents in VIM using a Mac keyboard, you may feel fairly stumped without a page up and page down button. But you need not be!

VIM has an extensive set of commands, including moving backwards and forwards through a document a page at a time. They are logically named too – Ctrl+F will go forward a page and Ctrl+B will go back a page.

Using TextEdit as a text editor

One utility Mac OS X seems to be lacking is a simple text editor such as Notepad for Windows. It comes with TextEdit but the problem is that this uses rich text format (RTF) which is very annoying when editing system files or code.

Thankfully, you can reconfigure it to use plain text.

Simply go to TextEdit on the menu bar and hit Preferences. The top option should allow you to toggle between Plain Text and Rich Text.