Installing a PCI card

PCI cards are easy to install. The first thing you obviously need to do is turn everything off, unscrew your case and remove it so you can get in. Your PCI slots will be near the pack of the unit, and will be brown ports (usually). You will have anywhere from three to six.

Next you want to push out the panel on the back of your computer. They put these metal strips on so that you don’t have a hole in the back of your computer when you don’t have a PCI card in there. Keep this safe somewhere as you will need it again if you ever take the PCI card out.

Now get your PCI card and insert it into the spot. Push it firmly until it lines up, you will notice the metal strip end will replace the area where the old metal strip you pushed out used to be.

Once it’s in place and fits nicely lining up with the edge of the case you want to screw the metal strip into place so that it can’t move. Now close your case and switch your PCI back on. Chances are it will be picked up automatically but if not go to install new hardware or use whatever software you were supplied with.

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